Hidden Heater

Genius, isn't it?

Sauna heater now, it can be hidden inside the sauna room!

This exquisite looking modern heater has a slim shape that defies space. It can safely fit with zero tolerance onwalls and benches. Hidden heater can be placed on a recess area of the sauna room that hides it. Containmentof the heater prevents accidental burns and misuse.

It comes with an extra accessory for water

The heater has a hose that connects water basin which you can place anywhere inside the sauna room. Thewater that runs through the hose passes to the heater water pipe and evenly pours water unto the stones. A radiant steam is created by gradual droplets of water.The heater air vent design is very effective which makesheat temperature to increase rapidly inside the room.

Protected heating elements

The heating elements are located directly beneath the rock tray in the behind bench heater. This prevents water being splashed directly onto the elements which is a common cause of element failure in standard sauna heaters.

Auto dosing

It is simple for this model of sauna heater to be fitted with an auto dosing pump to control the amount of water being added to the rocks remotely and prevent the need for users to interfere with the heater. This further prolongs the life of the heater and provides the client with better management of the conditions within the sauna.

Example heat damage behind sauna heater