Model Water Splash



Function description

The unit can be operated by the internal controller, apush button or an external clock timer. After theswitch on of the unit the first splash is delayed for 20minutes, to ensure that the sauna-heater is heated up. Toavoid that fragrance is dosed purely onto the heater the water flow is monitored permanently. The operationmode is set by a rotary knob at the controller. The cycleof the splash, the quantity and the aroma intensity are setby 3 rotary buttons at the control unit. For the pre-indicationof the splash a 230 V/AC output signal is provided. Allfunctions can be checked by the incl. test switch.

To be provided by the builder

  • Plants room for the installation of the control panel
  • Power socket 230 V/50 Hz, interlocked with sauna heater
  • Water connection cold inch
  • Needed pressure: 2 bar dynamic
  • Water quantity: 2.5 l/min
  • 3/8 inch tubing to the sprinkler
  • Drain in the plants room

The unit has to be installed on a higher levelthan the sprinkler. If this is not possible or if thetubing tends upwards, a non-return valve accordingto EN1717 has to be installed in the supply!

Technical Data

Electrical supply 230 V/AC 50 Hz
Power supply max. 50 W
Water supply inch female thread
Measures W 44 cm x H 41 cm x D 17 cm
Weight 7 kg

Study Hard Element Aroma Therapeutic Oil

Commercial Use Essential Oils:

  • X-Large 5L
  • Large 1L
  • Medium 500L
  • Small 250L

Home Use Tester size:

  • One: 3.2ml
  • Two: 5ml
  • Three: 11ml
  • Four: 15.6ml
  • Five: 30.5ml

Study Hard Element

(3ml) RM10.60

World Peace
(3ml) RM10.60

Spa Retreat
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