Very Safe Radiant Heat

Eco Full Spectrum Far Infrared, just like the warmth from the Sun

Technical Data

Power ratings 350W, 500W, 750W
Security against overheating at 130C
Installation sizes 810*147mm (500W and 750W)
650*147mm (350W)
Installation depth 59mm
  1. P06-ME1
    The Vitae-Infrared Radiator radiates from thefamous Germany NEXTREMA glass dark filtersout the majority of unwanted infrared radiationsFull-spectrum radiant heat and is very safe as pertested in Seibersdorf Laboratories GmbH as shown.The infrared radiator maximizes fullpower immediately.


  1. P06-ME2
    Safe infrared ray distribution more than 62.5%within 1400-3000 nm of wavelength in microns, refers IR energy.


  1. P06-ME3
    Seibersdorf Laboratories GmbH of EuropeanTested & Certified.


  1. P06-ME4
    VitaeMy-Backrest in ergonomic posture,removable, 35 x 89 cm


  1. P06-ME5
    Orange Nano Salk-Block, code 1.20.2000, of deodorant effect, size: 20x10x5 cm